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Goodbye phở now but not phở-ever

It may be a bit corny but I love you Vietnam

Never have I felt so welcome in a foreign environment. When I walk down the streets I am guaranteed to be met with countless ‘hellos’, smiling faces, street food galore and a range of unusual activities to keenly observe. Vietnamese people aren’t afraid to hug you on your first encounter, invite you in for a meal, hand you a beer at 11am, laugh at you or immediately ask personal questions (Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want a Vietnamese boyfriend? How much did you pay for that?). Vietnam is a nation who likes to wake up early, wear their pyjamas outside, hide from the sun, share food, celebrate loudly and treat friends as family.

How can you not love a country which has stores that just sell remotes? I'm not sure how competitive this market is so can't endorse investment at this point.

Some reasons why I fit in well with the Vietnamese culture: - We both like a good deal - We both like fresh food - We both like to get up early - We bot…