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A phở-real 5 months

Schools out! I have now finished my university semester in Hanoi. Over 5 months I’ve saddled more people on the back of motorbikes than I feel is appropriate to number, accidentally used skin whitening shower gel, changed my iPhone language to Vietnamese and narrowly escaped death multiple times on Vietnam’s hectic roads.
Hanoi has certainly been unforgettable.
I can now add a couple more items to the ‘Never have I ever…except in Vietnam’ list: - Changed footwear 3 times to get to the bathroom (living room, kitchen and bathroom sandals) - Been obsessed with condensed milk (fresh milk is hard to come by) - Sang ‘Thank you I love you’ after every yoga class - Been told to put banana on my skin to get rid of my freckles - Drank snake’s blood (see proof below)

Top Lessons Learnt (Part 2)1. Time is a constructExpect everything to start early, but also expect delays. For example, one of my lectures started at 6:45am every Monday morning. However, the 2pm bus may come anytime from 1:50 - 3pm.

2. Ma…