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So Far Phở-bulous! 3 Months In - Rate My Top 8

First up, what I’ve been doing in Hanoi for 3 months, apart from eating copious amounts of rice and noodles?- Studying at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (as part of my Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
- Learning Vietnamese
- Working part-time at The Asia Foundation
- Teaching English
- Playing in the university volleyball and ping-pong 'super' teams
- Exploring the insane organised chaos of Hanoi city and its rural outskirts 

Top 8 Lessons Learnt So Far
1. Eat together and ‘cheers’ often Meals are better shared, even if the food is cold. Traditionally, meals consist of a variety of dishes meticulously prepared by the woman of the house which everyone eats portions of in their own bowls. You wait until everyone is seated and the eldest male starts eating. Drinking is a bicep workout as every sip of beer is celebrated, shouting ‘2,3, uống!’ each time you pick up your glass.

2. Language is powerful but spoken Vietnamese is often unforgiving My beginner knowledge…